Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The long awaited pad

The first official hands-on iPad review is out. No surprise that Apple handed the scoop to David Pogue, but they might be regretting it now. His review is not all positive, but he has broken it down into two camps. For the techie and for the fanboy, which is actually a perfect approach. All the negatives - no flash, no camera, no multitasking, large glossy surface prone to smudges and fingerprints, are really things that only a true gadgethound would complain about. The fanboys are going to love the UI - the page corner that moves w/ the speed of your finger, the orientation lock so you can lie in bed without it switching to landscape are all sexy feature. And the no contract, pay as you go data plan is groundbreaking. Bottom line is that it's an over sized iPod touch.
This techie girl won't be camping out at the Apple store, but I can't wait to check it out in the CNET lab and I look forward to what the 2nd gen device will offer. For now, I'm still loving the Nook for an e-reader and my iPhone for apps and web browsing.

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