Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

On Austin Time

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Austin during the kickoff of th Interactive portion of SXSW. I had only heard about Austin through Bay Area folks that had flocked to the up and coming city. Food, tech, and no cowboys - sounds good to me!

Austin was exactly how I pictured it. Dresses and cowboy boots, rusty neon signs, and flat, flat lands. Little did I know, those dilapidated neon signs had some killer foods behind them. After a stroll on South Congress peeking in vintage shops, Allens boots, and a vintage circus themed candy store, we sat down for our first experience with Queso. Somehow, being in Texas made eating warm Velveeta A-OK. Find a homemade recipe at the end of this post.

I thought SF had food trucks nailed, but Austin has officially beat us. Coordinated lots of food trucks were abundant. Each trailer with it's own flair - an Airstream cupcake truck, a fortune teller style booth peddling pies and plenty of RV trailers converted to kitchens. Our desire for BBQ led us to Franklin's BBQ a former trailer dweller, Franklin's had just opened their first brick and mortar establishment the day before we went there. After waiting in a hellishly long line (with the Sold Out signs already posted) we ordered the famous brisket including the crunchy ends - a carnivores popcorn. By the time I got to the register, the husband and wife team had convinced me that in addition to my brisket, beans, cole slaw, potato salad and Root Beer, I just *had* to have the Bourbon Banana Cream Tart with a Vanilla Wafer crust. Glad I listened - on all fronts.

I'm already anticipating my next trip to Austin and starting a jar for my cowboy boots fund. My hit list includes, Gordough's donuts, The Swan Dive and a ride on the Pub Crawler!!

Homemade Queso
Franklin's BBQ